skin hunger – the itching sensation, like 37 ants doing brownian motion over every inch of your heart.

the lack of touch means more than just the physical manifestation of one’s human condition. to stay in touch with others, we would first need to stay in touch with ourselves. let’s explore the possibilities.

the great offline is a series of independent experimental events in sydney. why?

a curated experience on human contact

facilitated by
stanislav salnikov
paprika xu

 tickets

* 24 spots available. we offer free tickets to students and people with refugee background, write to to register or help us by passing this message along.

august 19, 6-9pm
lowerfloor, 1 lacey
surry hills

touch is an all-ages and alcohol-free safe space. come alone (we like you) or bring a friend (that’s cool too). wear comfortable clothes. see you offline.